Hardened Steel Bushings

Hardened Steel Bushings
Material:Steel backing&Bronze backing&Stainless steel
Speed Limit:Oil lubricating&Dry friction
Working temperature:-195~+280 C

Product Details

Bushing Description

Product Name

hardened steel bushings


Steel backing

Steel+Sinterd Bronze powder+PTFE+Pb+Polymer

Bronze backing

Bronze+Sinterd Bronze powder+PTFE+Pb+Polymer

Stainless steel

S.S.+Sinterd Bronze powder+PTFE+Pb+Polymer

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel+PTFE +Polymer

Load capacity

Static load


Dynamic load

140 N/mm2


60 N/mm2

Speed Limit

Oil lubricating


Dry friction


PV value limit

Oil lubricating


Dry friction

3.6 N/mm2.m/s

Friction coef

0.04 -0.20

Working temperature

-195~+280 C

Photo of hardened steel bushings

Hardened Steel Bushings.jpg  durable Hardened Steel Bushings.jpg  Hardened Steel Bushings with high quality.jpg

Our factory is located in China machinery spare parts city-Xiamen.As a global supplier in machinery parts, Frebecker provides good quality seal kits, hydraulic cylinders and undercarriage parts for clients aruond the world.

Processing information
1)the forging of the product.and they are placed in the workshop.
2)continue producing according to requirements form the clients
3)the third step is the ordinary lathe, after grindering in the lathe. both ends of the product is flat.
4)after the CNC lathe, the product they are going to be semi-finished products
5)drilling, before drilling, the worker will dig oil slot.
6)Metalworking workshop and then heat, the heat treatment can nearly reach to one thousand Celsius degree after this step.The quality of the product will be firmly strengthened.
7)we ensure the quality. after strengthening and adjusting the quality, we will have an important process called tempering!
8)The inner side's grinding of the product, and then the grinding of the outer side. we do this in turn so that we would not do damage to the product.
9)the packing in our workshop, before packing we spray the rust inhibiting oil
10)after all these steps. the last one is entering the warehouse.


Packing Detail
Packaging Details

1.Anti-rust oil or tin plating
2.Rolled by high quality plastic paper or put into plastic bag
3.Plastic bag outside rollers
4.Good quality cartons
5.Pallet or wood case for every 8ctns/12ctns/18ctns
6.Detail information label


Three factors combine to give our bushings exceptional serviceability for high-load/low rotational speed applications that are our specialty. Those factors are:
● Advanced base materials
● Patented surface treatments
● Patented surface topographies & textures:
Cross-hatching & surface cavitiesCross-hatching involves a network of grooves on the inner surface of the bushing. For a lubricated joint, a grease reservoir is built-up in the interconnecting channels, allowing lubrication intervals to increase by as much as 100%. Debris present in the contact zone often exhibits very high hardness, leading to premature joint wear in many industrial situations. Cross-hatching allows effective evacuation of unwanted particles and debris.
Surface cavities provide a lubricant reserve, allowing the joint to be operated maintenance-free, or with very long lubrication intervals. Grease is not evacuated and is retained at the contact points. For high sliding speeds, surface cavities allow the onset of a local hydrodynamic friction mode: contact pressure is then borne by the local grease bearings.

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