Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Parts

Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Parts

Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Parts
Place of Origin:Fujian,China(Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Application: Industry
Material:Aluminum, iron, aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, nylon, bronze

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Diesel engine cylinder head parts Description            

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Place of Origin:Xiamen City,Fujian Province,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:OEM


Material:Aluminum, iron, aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, nylon, bronze

Dimensions:OEM Customized

Product:Diesel cylinder head cover

Type:Type OEM die/sand/gravity/Low pressure die casting,

Surface treatment:Polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating

Package:Carton Box with Pallet/Wooden Box/Steel Pallet

MOQ:100 units and accept sample order

Lead time:3-7days for sample order,15-17days for bulk order

Payment terms:T/T or L/C or Western Union


Certificate:ISO 9001-2008

Packaging Details:Bubble bag+carton+ woodecn case or as customer requirements

Delivery Time:It depends on the quantities,normally 15-20 days


Photo of engine cylinder head parts        

Cylinder heads need to be robust. They have to withstand huge pressures and very high temperatures, while retaining their shape and form to seal the cylinder block via the head gasket. They’re key to controlling air flow in and out of the cylinders and fuel deployment.

The cylinder head also holds the injectors and valves – and contains more moving parts than any other part of the engine.

Although largely unnoticed, the cylinder head plays a key role in your engine. It’s a solid item that sits at the top of your unit and covers its workings. It’s sealed in place with the head gasket.

The inside of the cylinder head contains a number of passages – known as ports or tracks – and the air mix travels along these to the inlet valves. Other tracks inside the cylinder head are the route by which the exhaust gases travel when leaving the main engine block.



Types of diesel engine cylinder head cover     

Automotive 4-Stroke Engine Head Designs - Valve and Camshaft Configurations

Common Names


Intake Valves

Exhaust Valves


Double Overhead Cam




Allows optimum positioning of the valves for crossflow cylinder head.
Double camshafts are used to allow direct actuation of well-placed valves, without rockers.
Widespread in modern car design

Overhead Cam




Widely used for cars in recent decades, but increasingly superseded by DOHC.

Overhead Valve
OHV, I-Head, Pushrod




Still used in big V8 pushrod engines
Needs pushrods and rockers to actuate valves

Flathead, L-Head, T-Head




Once universal, now obsolete
Simplest possible configuration
Cams operate directly on the valves

IOE, F-Head




Always uncommon, obsolete for decades



Diagram and the details       


 Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Parts.jpg


1. 630-1003021A (I) Cylinder head cover 1

2. J3200-1003022  Cylinder head cover gasket 2

3. 330-1003015C  Cylinder head 2 330-1003015C*  Cylinder head subassembly 2

4. 630-1003083C  Front supporting board 1

5. 330-1007019C  Intake valve seat 6

6. 430-1007018  Valve guide pipe 12

7. 330-1007021  Exhaust valve seat 6

8. B3000-1003011B  Cylinder head gasket 1

9. 330-1003013B  Cylinder head long bolt 2

10. 6105QA-1003017F  Washer 2

11. Q614B06  NPT3/4 Screw plug 4

12. 330-1003012B  Cylinder head bolt 8

13. 330-1003014B  Cylinder head short bolt 6

14. 330-1003018B (II) Cylinder head short bolt 6

15. 6105QA-1003017D  Washer 6

16. 330-1003019B (I) Cylinder head long bolt 4

17. 6105QA-1003088  Cylinder head dowel pin sleeve 4

18. 6105QA-1003017E  Washer 4

19. 6105Q-1003085  Lifter 2

20. 6105QA-1003084A  Rear supporting board 1

21. 340-1013007  Oil pipe clip 1

22. B4000-1003048A Ventilation hose 1

23. 630-1003051B (II) Cylinder head cover 1

24. Q/YC149-8  8 Compound seal washer 8 6

25. Q394B08  M8 Nut M8 6

26. Q67638  38 Loop hoop 38 1

27. D0300-1003260  Upper breather subassembly 1

28. Q5002040 φ2X40 Pin 1

29. 330-1003053 Sealing ring 1

30. 630-1003030A  Oil filler subassembly 

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