Cylinder Block Assembly

Cylinder Block Assembly

Cylinder Block Assembly
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:cummins
Model Number:340-1002000/07

Product Details

Cylinder Block Description            

The cylinder block is one of your engine's central components. It plays a key role in the lubrication, temperature control and stability of the engine and it has to be of the highest quality so there is no room for short cuts.


Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Cummins

Model Number:340-1002000/07

Engine Type:Diesel

Type:Cylinder block


Quality:High Level

Packing:Wooden Case

stock:150  pcs

status:Brand new

Delivery Time:within one week



Features of Cylinder Block         

We are professional manufacturer of cylinder head and cylinder block for the diesel engine.

Main Features: 

1. All of our goods are made by CNC machine, Have strict control on each procedure to make sure about the quality(Three-coordinate measuring machine)

2. Production capacity: cylinder head:3000pcs/month, cylinder block:2000pcs/month

Functions of Cylinder Block         

The main functions of the cylinder block are:

· Maintaining the engine's stability and lubrication while withstanding a variety of temperatures and loads

· Transferring oil to all parts of the engine, lubricating all the critical components, via a number of oil galleries

· Providing cooling to the engine from the water galleries to maintain a constant optimal operating temperature


It is often simpler to replace the whole cylinder block with a new one if part of it is in need of repair. It means your operations are back up and running in a much shorter time and at less cost than trying to replace individual elements one by one.



Details of Cylinder Block         



1. 330-1002064B  Cylinder liner 6  EWP

2. A3000-1002063  Cylinder liner water seal 6  EWP

3. A3000-1002063B  Cylinder liner water seal 6  EWP

4. 330-1002015A  Cylinder block 1

 330-1002015A*  Cylinder block subassembly 1

5. YC208-B01600F  2.65×16 O-ring 1

6. 6105Q-1002067  Main oil passage sealing plug 1

7. 630-1002081A  Oil dipstick sleeve 1

8. 630-1002090  Oil dipstick part 1

9. 6105Q-1002022 φ10×10 Aluminum blockage 1

10. 330-1002150  Pressure regulator assembly 1

11. Q618B02  NPT1/4 Screw plug 2

12. Q618B01  NPT1/8 Screw plug 2

13. 330-1002065D  Tappet housing cover 2

14. Q40108  8 Washer 8 16

15. Q40308  8 Washer 8 19

16. Q150B0825  M8X25 Bolt M8X25 8

17. Q150B0822 M8X22 Bolt M8X22 8

18. 330-1002066B  Tappet housing gasket 2

19. J3200-1002062 Crankshaft end cover washer 1  EWP

20. 6105Q-1002069  Rear main oil galley plug 1

21. 630-1002061  Camshaft end cover 1

22. Q150B0816  M8×16 Bolt 3

23. 330-1002021A  Main bearing bolt 12

24. 330-1002018A  Front main bearing cover bolt 2


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