Adverse effects of high temperature of excavator hydraulic oil

- Nov 08, 2017-

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic excavator transmission power and signal medium, hydraulic oil high temperature will have the following failures and adverse effects of excavators:

The viscosity of oil temperature hydraulic oil is one of the important physical properties of hydraulic oil, and the viscosity of hydraulic oil is very sensitive to the change of temperature, the temperature is increased, the viscosity of oil is significantly reduced, the leakage increases, the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the whole system will be reduced significantly.

Second, the oil temperature is too high, so that the mechanical heat deformation, so that the thermal expansion coefficient in the hydraulic components of different moving parts between the gap between small and die, causing action failure.

Third, oil temperature too high, will make rubber seal premature aging failure, loss of sealing performance, resulting in leakage, will also make the rubber hose premature aging failure, reduce service life.

Four, oil temperature is too high, will accelerate the hydraulic oil oxidation metamorphism, reduce the service life of hydraulic oil.

The oil temperature is too high, the air separation pressure of the hydraulic oil is reduced, the dissolved air in the oil escapes, the cavitation is produced, and the working performance of the hydraulic system is reduced.