Basic requirements of hydraulic system for excavators

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. High transmission efficiency, to give full play to the engine power and fuel the use of the economy.

2. The hydraulic system and the hydraulic element have the sufficient reliability under the load change big, the sharp vibration impact effect.

3. Co-ordination light Vibration-resistant cooler, reduce the total calorific value of the system, so that the main engine continuous operation of hydraulic oil temperature of not more than 80 degrees, or temperature rise not more than 45 degrees.

4. Because of the dust in the excavator operation, hydraulic oil is easy to be polluted, so the sealing performance of hydraulic system is better, hydraulic components to oil pollution of low sensitivity, the entire hydraulic system to set up oil filters and dust-proof devices.

5. The use of hydraulic or electro-hydraulic servo control device, so that the excavator set up automatic control system, thereby improving the technical performance of excavators and reduce the driver's labor intensity.