How to improve the productivity of the digging bucket?

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. Correct Construction Organization design

The quantity and carrying capacity of the dumper combined with the excavator shall meet the requirements of the excavator production capacity. And dump truck capacity should be the excavator bucket capacity of the integer times, at the same time as far as possible to use the double loading method, so that the excavator filled with a car, followed by another one, because the two dump trucks are parked in the excavator digging bucket to unload the earth can and the arc line, This way, the digging is full and the car, reverse and can be filled with another car, thereby improving the efficiency of the loading.

2. Draw up the correct driving route of the dump truck

In the construction organization, should be prepared in advance of the dump truck driving route, remove unnecessary ramp. For the excavation of the excavator, we must do each have an empty return road, so as to avoid the truck in and out of the mutual interference, the operation of the road should be good, to facilitate the operation of tipper.