Installation of digging bucket installation matters

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, the installation of the digging bucket requires the excavator parked in a flat and stable place.

2, the excavator's old bucket to use the hammer tool hit the drop, the new bucket of the hanging ears need to rub butter lubrication, this is to facilitate the installation.

3, the order of the installation of the bucket is to install the small arms first, and then to install the bucket shaft to ensure that several holes in the same line, then, when installing the connecting Rod Department, remember to adjust the position of the digging bucket, the connecting rod department should be installed to ensure that several holes are on the same line, and finally install the pin hole screws, can be tried in the butter.

The same excavator with different bucket, bucket must be suitable for excavator performance, if the destruction of the excavator's whole machine performance, bucket rod, moving arm easily due to improper use of quality problems.