Precautions for walking operation of Excavators

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. The excavator should check the environmental safety condition and remove obstructions on the road before it starts, and the personnel should not leave the excavator and then raise the bucket.

2. As far as possible to choose the flat road, steering as far as possible at low speed, turning large bends as much as possible operation steering.

3. The excavator's walking motor prohibits collisions or stranding on boulders and prohibits the imposition of additional force on the crawler part.

4. If the walking rod is parked on the ramp, the bucket should be put down even in a short time, and the bucket teeth will be inserted into the soil to start the excavator in a low-speed range.

5. The engine speed will suddenly rise, so the driver should be careful to operate the walking rod.

6. When the excavator is on the bad ground, it should avoid the rock to hit the walking motor and track frame, mud sand, gravel into the track to affect the excavator normal walking and track service life.

7. When walking in water, the depth of the crawler side of the sprocket wheel should not be diffuse, and the state and water potential of the riverbed should be paid full attention.