Selection Guide for Construction Machinery accessories

- Nov 08, 2017-

(1) from the appearance of the view, look at the processing of its products is not sophisticated, color is not normal, if there are original accessories samples, can be compared to view, usually imitation appearance is more rough, commodity color is not.

(2) Check the logo on the goods, the original imported parts are printed on the brand symbol, part number and specific code, and some products are also engraved with manufacturers and producers. Imitation is not the omission of the cast is ambiguous handwriting, it is difficult to reach the role of authentic.

(3) After the special work to measure the size of the commodity, see if it meets the requirements, some manufacturers also specifically for customers to provide measurement tools to prevent counterfeiting.

(4) To carry on the function experiment to the commodity, some parts from the appearance examination also cannot distinguish the authenticity, needs the special instrument to carry on the examination.

(5) The physical and chemical functions of the product experiment, this situation is usually in the quality of goods in question or the use of the problem, is to the manufacturers to seek compensation for the use of the method.