Working principle of hydraulic system of Excavator

- Nov 08, 2017-

The excavator hydraulic system consists of some basic loops and auxiliary loops, which include working loops, limiting circuit, unloading circuit, buffer circuit, throttling speed regulation and throttle speed limit loop, walking speed limit loop and pilot valve control loop, etc., its components mainly by working pump, oil pump, pilot control valve, distribution valve, safety valve, large arm cylinder, Small arm cylinder, bucket cylinder, fuel tank and related pipelines and other components.

Excavator hydraulic system in the work process, hydraulic oil from the bottom of the tank through the oil filter by the work pump inhalation, from the oil pump output has a certain pressure of hydraulic oil into a group of parallel distribution valve, through the handle ―→ pilot valve ―→ Working valve group to achieve the corresponding action, the system through the total safety valve on the main circuit to limit the total system pressure, The safety valve of the working circuit of each group has the function of overload protection and oil supplement respectively for the corresponding circuit.