Classification Of Excavator Digging Bucket

- Nov 08, 2017-

Earth bucket: Commonly used in clay excavation and sand, soil, gravel loading, such as light operating environment, bucket mouth area is larger, with a larger heap surface, therefore has a high filling coefficient, saving time, high efficiency.

Rock bucket: Used in soil mixed with hard stones, Zhijian, wind fossils excavation; flint, blasting ore loading, such as heavy operations, strength wear-resisting steel, better mining performance, more prominent economic.

Clay bucket: For hard soil or frozen soil construction operations, generally have single teeth or many teeth, bucket teeth sharp, easy to ground.

Ditch bucket: Applicable to the excavation of various shape ditches, ditch excavation once formed, no need to repair, high operating efficiency.

Screen fighting: Suitable for the separation of loose materials mining, excavation and separation once completed, widely used in municipal, agricultural, forestry, Water Conservancy, Earth and stone projects.

Grab: Vertical crawl, suitable for excavation of foundation pit, deep excavation and loading of coal, sand, cement, gravel and other loose materials, especially suitable for excavation or loading on one side of trench or restricted space.

Cleaning bucket and tilt bucket: Suitable for the slope and other plane repair and river, ditch large capacity dredging, cleaning work, wherein the tilt bucket can be changed through the oil cylinder to change the angle of the cleaning bucket, greatly improve work efficiency.