How To Maintain Excavator Digging Bucket?

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. Excavator Bucket hydraulic system in use often appear some granular impurities, mainly by inhalation of dust, or in the overhaul of the disassembly, or mechanical wear off some of the iron filings caused by impurities.

2. Excavator Bucket hydraulic oil in the use of 2000-hour process, oil will also be entrained in the flow of a little micro-air bubbles, the oil will be oxidized, hydraulic oil after oxidation of acid, the matter will change the color of oil, or red or black, increase the corrosion of metals.

3. In addition, because of the morning and evening temperature difference or excavator digging machine work natural cooling, will lead to excavator digging bucket hydraulic tank of hot air cooled into water droplets, coupled with nutrients in the air, resulting in the oxidation of hydraulic oil to produce acidic substances to corrosion of metal, thus affecting the excavator bucket hydraulic system normal operation.