How To Reduce The Excavator Track Wear?

- Nov 08, 2017-

If a long time repeatedly on the slope of the ground to walk and suddenly turn, will make the side of the rail link with the driving wheel and the side of the guide wheel contact, thereby increasing the degree of wear. As far as possible, avoid walking or sudden shifts in the inclined zone. Straight and large turns can effectively prevent wear.

Second, if the part of the sprocket and the support of the wheel can not operate under the condition of continued use, it may lead to wheel wear, but also may cause the rail link wear. If you find a wheel that is not working, you must repair it immediately! In this way, you can avoid causing other failures.

Three, the support wheel, the chain sprocket installs the bolt ﹑ crawler board bolts ﹑ The driving wheel installs the bolt ﹑ walks the tube bolt and so on, because the machine long time work after very easy because the vibration and loose. For example, if the crawler bolts loose to continue to operate the machine, or even lead to a gap between the track board and the Bolt, which leads to the track plate cracks. Furthermore, the gap may increase the bolt hole between the track and the rail link, resulting in the inability to tighten and the serious consequences of the track and rail link must be replaced. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be inspected regularly and tightened to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.