Precautions For Installation Of Hydraulic Seals

- Nov 08, 2017-

Before installation, should check the seal surface quality first, must not have the flying edge, the burr, the crack, the cutting edge, the porosity and the loose and so on the flaw, the seal geometry size and the accuracy must conform to the standard request.

1. Check the piston, cylinder and Installation guide sleeve of the relevant surface, full package clean, no burr, no edge.

2. The installation tool requires smooth, no edges and sharp corners to ensure that no damage to the seals is caused during installation.

3. Installation can be in the seals and cylinder related surface map a small amount of grease, in order to facilitate the installation, but rubber elastomer and sliding seal ring between the not allow residual grease, otherwise it will affect the sealing performance.

4. Both vertical and horizontal installation should maintain the coaxial degree of the piston and cylinder, too large eccentric is likely to damage the seals.

5. The installation speed should not be too fast, otherwise it will damage the sealing parts.