The Significance Of Correct Maintenance Of Excavator Digging Bucket

- Nov 08, 2017-

In fact, the domestic excavator users of the common misunderstanding of digging bucket, most people think that the larger the excavator digging bucket, the higher the efficiency of construction; excavator digging bucket thicker and stronger life will be longer, and then to the excavator dug bucket blind reinforcement, this practice is not appropriate, if the full range of digging bucket protection, Then it is bound to increase the weight of each digging bucket, heavy digging bucket will not only increase the fuel consumption of the machine, at the same time, overload operation on the machine life has a considerable impact, this point of loss can not be ignored.

Experts have done a study: digging bucket weight of 0.5 tons per increase, the cycle of 10%, annual gross profit will be reduced by 15%, in fact, generally, the standard of the bucket manufacturers are reasonable structure and design, fully competent for the general working conditions, if it is bad conditions, need to strengthen, It is also recommended that you weld the parts that need to be strengthened, not the overall weld.