What Is Excavator Digging Bucket General Refers To Excavator Digging Bucket

- May 18, 2018-


The digging bucket belongs to the structural part type product, by the tooth seat board, the bottom plate, the side board, wall Board, ear board, back plate, bucket ear board, bucket ears, bucket teeth, tooth seat, guard board or bucket angle, such as components, so welding is the most critical production process, welding quality directly affect the structure of the bucket and service life.

Chinese name excavator Digging bucket Foreign language name Bucket type Structural Parts category products composed of rack plate, bottom plate, side plates and other classification of backhoe bucket and shovel digging bucket


1 Classification and function

2 Making

Classification and function editing

Excavator Digging bucket According to the working method is divided into backhoe digging bucket and shovel digging bucket, commonly used is backhoe digging bucket.

Digging bucket

Digging bucket (5 sheets)

According to the different principle of mechanical action, is divided into shovel, backhoe, grab, shovel.

According to the different structure of material properties: divided into standard type of digging bucket, strengthen the type of digging bucket, mining type digging bucket According to the different working conditions function: divided into earthwork bucket, rock bucket, soil bucket, ditch bucket, grid fighting, grab, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, etc.